it's a funny word in isolation. yet when tasked with describing our approach to architecture we kept landing on it.

and we're not just referring to the finished product either.  we think the entire process should be positive for all involved, because in our experience great designs evolve in an enthused environment and result in buildings and spaces that enhance, inspire, and delight.

hallion architects is an architectural practice formed in 2010 to draw upon the award -winning international experience of directors, jeremy craig and stephane gascoin.  we are a boutique practice dedicated to the delivery of high-end design solutions for discerning clients.

having previously worked internationally on projects of a variety of scales up to NZ$1bn and with nearly 50 years combines industry experience, the Directors have moved from leadership positions within one of Auckland's largest commercial and retail orientated architectural companies to form a practice that can deliver industry best practice to any project it is involved in.

a nation's wealth, history and cultural standing are constantly reflected in it's built environment and we believe that well designed buildings are integral to our quality of life.  we strive for a visually interesting but rational response to a building's site and it's environment and we are committed to client collaboration to achieve this.

our aim is to create an exciting, inviting and appropriate design of human scale and interest which satisfies the functional brief and compliments the culture of it's users.

our team.

jeremy craig


m: 027 271 3570

stephane gascoin


m: 021 85 25 65