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2022-08-25 Kamana Residences Brochure FINAL EMAIL_edited.jpg
2022-08-25 Kamana Residences Brochure FINAL EMAIL.jpg

kamana residences are set to become the ultimate luxury accommodation in queenstown.

most recent project

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Summit on Symonds.png

residential scope

Hallion works extensively with residential developers. From suburban medium and high density to inner city short-term accommodation to high-end speculative residential developments, we have to be flexible and responsive enough to cater for them all. 

The common thread running between all these projects is the market, but the market influences are two pronged; the demand side dictates what is to be delivered (and this can change right up until the completion of construction) and the construction market strongly.

influences how the product is to be delivered and what it is to be built from. Marrying these two frequently conflicting elements together is a skill developed from a knowledge of construction techniques and commercial realism.

retail and commercial scope

We believe that the ethos of a retail environment should be reflected in its built form. We have a wide range of experience in all facets of retail and commercial design. 

While each project is unique, there are requirements common to all such 
developments, the capital cost of the building must be economical; the structure and internal planning must be flexible to allow for future changes; and recurrent costs for building operation, maintenance and staffing must be minimised. Our extensive experience in the planning and pre-design stages enables us to offer clients a comprehensive assessment of the project in question, whether starting with a blank canvas or adapting an existing site. Hallion architects understand retail projects. We have the expertise, resources and systems to provide facilities that reflect the needs of users, both now and into the future.


our people

In order to create truly unique projects, our company has a team of professionals who bring their combined experience and skills. Our team is made up of a variety of backgrounds and places, and we are always proud of the work we do and the quality it produces. It is through the people at hallion architects that the company is the success it is today. Keep reading to learn more about them.

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