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our projects

We believe that architecture should reflect, enhance and celebrate each situation in its built form. We have a wide range of experience in many types of commercial and residential design and delivery.

Each project is unique and there are a complex set of requirements that have to be interwoven in all such developments. The capital cost of the building must be economical; the layout, structure and internal planning must provide unique guest experiences alongside efficient servicing; and recurrent costs for building operation, maintenance and staffing must be minimised. Our extensive experience in the planning and pre-design stages enables us to offer clients a comprehensive assessment of the project in question, whether starting with a blank canvas or adapting an existing site. 

Hallion Architects understand industry projects. We have the expertise, resources and systems to provide facilities that reflect the needs of users, both now and in the future.

The following projects demonstrate experience with projects of varying scale, use and/or design approach.  

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