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self-contained accommodation


auckland, new zealand






project value

CBD investments 




Hallion Architects were tasked with master planning the site of the heritage-scheduled Rocklands house and the adjacent 181 gillies avenue house to create a mix of economy, mid-range and boutique luxury short-term accommodation.


The centrepiece of the proposal incorporates combined social and amenity space for the economy and mid-range accommodation on the ground floor, with 56 hotel rooms on two levels above.


The stage one building is intended to act as a front door to the site and offer a distinctive built form that breaks up the overall mass into residentially scaled components. The lava stone base containing reception and communal facilities supports two cantilevered elements that adopt residential motifs and materials such as standing seam zinc cladding and timber boarding.


The second part of the development combines the stately Rocklands house and adjacent luxury home to form an exclusive boutique urban retreat. Hallion was able to introduce the client to an Australian-based company that provides facilitation services between property owners and international hotel chain operators. Working with this group, a business case and operating model was developed to enable the operation to tap into the lucrative luxury and leisure travel markets.

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