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breathe urban village


future housing


future housing competition in christchurch

competition placing

highly commended

breathe urban village

competition based in christchurch

Hallion Design used the business network established over years of working in the

Auckland market to draw together a team for the ‘Breathe Urban Village’, future housing

competition, in Christchurch.

Bringing in Infratil Social Infrastructure as a developer, Holmes Consulting for structural

and civil design, WSP Lincoln Scott for services and environmental design and the

world-renowned Will Alsop as design leader produced a startlingly original concept.

Using the idea of the Kiwi dream of owning a house and section (as opposed to an

apartment), the design created a giant lattice of land ‘shelves’ that can be purchased by

individuals who then have the ability to choose one of seven housing types, finished in

a variety of materials to suit their requirements. Modules can be added to or changed as life circumstances change within your own little corner of paradise.

Commercial, social, cultural and civic amenities occupy the main ground floor facade

and courtyard such as a cafe, childcare, and convenience store sits alongside facilities like a

micro-brewery, fishery and smokehouse to name a few.

The project incorporates numerous sustainable features from rainwater collection and

recycling, to district heating and a car club. The project was shortlisted and awarded a

‘highly commended.



will alsop,
all design

infratil social

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