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whitaker residence




auckland, new zealand

whitaker residences

on symonds street

Another project that involves the adaptive reuse of existing vacant commercial space. In

this instance, the quirky 200sqm circular floor plate with distinctive central support

pillar, radial columns and peripheral structural brick piers become a single luxury


The central pillar, with its rough-cast, in-situ concrete finish, becomes the space's centrepiece, with concrete contrasted against natural timber and clean white surfaces. Bedrooms and service spaces are arranged to each side of the central axis, opening into a large open-plan living space.

The challenge of getting services across to the existing service risers in the core without

disturbing the office space below was resolved with the use of raised service floors in

the bedroom and bathroom wings. This created a natural hierarchy of space with the

smaller subsidiary spaces given a more intimate vertical proportion. Steps up to these

spaces further emphasise the gradation from communal to private spaces.


By working with the developer in both the selection and procurement of fixtures and

fittings, the balance of high quality against budget limitations allowed the practice’s

pragmatic commercial approach to design to help drive the process.

The two apartments in the six-storey building, currently under construction, were sold for prices that reflect the record-breaking conditions in the Auckland housing market.






project value

ellett investments


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